Since its inception Power International Holding has continued to strategically grow and diversify, bringing to Qatar and the GCC a diverse range of companies that offer quality products and services to meet the aspirations of Qatar and the GCC.

We pride ourselves in our growing business portfolio as we expand into additional industries to provide our clients with excellence, for our success stems from their trust and our trust in our people.

Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat

Group Chairman & President

As a Qatari holding company, our mission is driven by continuous progress and the ability to make a difference both small and large.

We pursued sustainable profit growth over the years with a clear strategy and corporate philosophy. At Power, we believe in Focus, Efficiency, Expertise, Responsibility, Leadership and Financial Stability, with the well-being of our employees and the societies we work in.

As our achievements drive our momentum, Power International Holding has been established as a trusted name and, in God’s will, will be present in Qatar and beyond for generations to come.

Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat

Group CEO and Vice President