Welcome to Power International Holding

Power International Holding consists of a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning 6 key sectors in Qatar including:

  • Design & Construction
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Lifestyle
  • Services

To ensure the sustainability and success of each business within the various sectors, we are committed to providing every entity with the tools and resources to enable development and growth. Simultaneously, we work to ensure that each business strives to achieve our organization’s objectives and goals. This is done through our organization’s leaders who proactively work together in multi-disciplinary groups to achieve success for our business clients while ensuring that each business thrives and flourishes.

Through our organization’s philosophy of ‘All for One,’ Power International Holding is home to some of Qatar’s leading establishments. As expansion continues within the various sectors, our corporation’s philosophy remains a fundamental pillar that unites all our business entities in their shared commitment towards Power International Holding’s vision and long term success.

Vision & Mission

To lead in every industry we undertake, both locally and internationally.

Providing our people with unparalleled support and assistance to ensure that they are recognized as leaders in each of their respective fields and industries. Through their hard work and dedication and our unstinting encouragement, we want to make Power International Holding’s name synonymous with quality, excellence and trust.

Our People

At Power International Holding we hold our people as the key to our success, for they are our organization’s greatest asset and investment. We are privileged to have some of the finest minds working with us to build our new tomorrow and each business is driven by a team of experienced and skilled professionals who work towards improving the world around us by delivering innovative and unrivalled products and services.