Partnership between “Baladna” and “Widam”

March 9, 2020

Partnership between “Baladna” and “Widam” To Supply the local Market with Veal Meat for the First Time

Baladna and Widam Food announced today the signing of a partnership agreement through which Widam will supply the local market with veal meat for the first time in Qatar. The agreement was signed at Baladna’s headquarters in Lusail.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, Chairman of Baladna Engineer Mohammad Badr Al Sadah, Chairman of Widam Food and Vice Chairman of Baladna; and Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat, Managing Director of Baladna.

Mr. Malcolm Jordan, CEO of Baladna and Mr. Alnubi Salem Al Marri, CEO of Widam Foods signed the partnership agreement on behalf of the two companies.

“This agreement is a model of the strategic and commercial integration among local companies; securing the supply of local fresh meat, all through the year. This step supports local production strategy and takes part in the country’s vision for self-sufficiency,” Engineer Mohammad Badr Al Sadah stated.

On the other hand, Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, Chairman of Baladna said that this agreement enhances the economic cooperation and integration among local industrialists and help in increasing the industrial added value.

“It will raise the competitiveness of the Qatari entities, a step that will help push the economy into further sustainable development and self-sufficiency,” Mr. Al Khayyat added.

This agreement comes in compliance with international best practices which aims at benefiting from all products associated with main production operations. Baladna will supply veal, ageing 100 days on daily basis; whereas, Widam, will start a new production line for meat, market and distribute it locally, through various point of sales in the country.

Mr. Alnubi Al Marri, CEO of Widam, commented on the agreement saying: “We are pleased to enter in a partnership agreement with Baladna. This agreement complies with Widam’s strategy to secure local fresh products, with the highest quality standards and food safety, in addition to its role in supporting Widam’s product diversification”.

Al Marri assured that according to the agreement, Widam will supply the local market with 500 tons of veal meat.

Mr. Malcolm Jordan, Baladna’s CEO, expressed his delight with the strategic agreement, that is in line with Baladna’s plans in diversifying its sources of income and sustaining the needs of the market. Mr. Jordan praised the exceptional performance of the local food industry that matches international standards.

Partnership Agreement between “Baladna” and “Widam”

About Widam Food
Widam Food Company, a pioneer in Qatar’s meat industry, was established in 2004. Currently the company runs seven meat local slaughterhouses (butcheries) including the newest automatic slaughterhouse in Wakra’s Central Market. The 14,000 sqm. facility is capable to house 9,000 sheep, using the latest technologies to preserve the quality of production and operations, in addition to another existing line of for slaughtering cows and camels.

Widam’s products are available to consumers through 28 points of sale spread throughout the country. The Company also owns a unit specialized in red meat production using the most sophisticated technologies for production and storage. Widam distributes its products daily to food companies, major malls and commercial centers, restaurants and hotels.

About Baladna
Baladna was established in 2014. Today, it is one of the largest dairy products and dairy products and juices in Qatar, expanding on an area of 2.6 million sqm. with 40 barns, housing more than 24,000 cows using state-of-the art milking equipment and producing more than 450,000 tons of milk daily. Baladna supplies the Qatari market with dairy and juice products, offering more than 200 SKUs of dairy and juice available at all points of sale in the country.