Dar Al Sharq Set to Establish First Arab Public Relations Website

September 13, 2020

Doha: To be the first and best in providing public relations services, Dar Al Sharq has started executive procedures for establishing the first Arab public relations website specialised in providing integrated services to members of public relations in the Gulf and other Arab countries.

An agreement has been signed to sponsor and support the website between Dar Al Sharq and Power International Holding company. The project aims to meet the growing needs of public relations sector and will provide basic and important database on the public relations profession, its needs, areas of specialisation and its sciences, in order to be a reference for public relations and media professionals.

Commenting on this, Assistant to the CEO of Dar Al Sharq, Jassim Fakhro, said: “The public relations website, which is set be established, is the fruit of Dar Al Sharq’s strategy as a full-service media organisation to be the first in providing the best in the fields of media and public relations.”

“This website will be the first-of-its-kind in the Arab world and distinguished in its integrated services that include news, studies, research, database and specialities in addition to interacting with site visitors and responding to all inquiries and questions and providing immediate advice by experts and scientific institutions,” he said.

Fakhro also noted that the step comes from Dar Al Sharq’s belief that public relations is one of the most important bridges of communication between society and institutions and also an effective tool to create trust between all stakeholders and the public.

“Dar Al Sharq decided to be a pioneer in providing this distinctive service to the public that will contribute to supporting the public relations sector and achieving a qualitative leap in this vital sector that is rapidly growing in Qatar and the Arab world.”

The agreement was signed by Jassim Fakhro and Moutaz Al-Khayyat, Chairman of of Power International Holding, in order to promote pioneering media projects that serve the community.

Al-Khayyat, on this occasion, said: “We are happy with our strategic partnership with Dar Al Sharq as it is a leading institution in providing distinguished services in the field of media, advertising and public relations. We will work together to take the public relations profession to new heights through the strategy of Al Sharq, which seeks to provide the latest solutions for public relations employees in the Gulf and the Arab world.”  Power International Holding is a diversified business conglomerate, grouped into five main sectors: General Contracting, Agro-Food Industries, Real Estate Development, Lifestyle (Hospitality, Entertainment & Catering) and General Services.

Source: https://thepeninsulaqatar.com/article/13/09/2020/Dar-Al-Sharq-set-to-establish-first-Arab-public-relations-website