Building Sustainable Value

Power International Holding (PIH) is a diversified business conglomerate, grouped into 5 main sectors: General Contracting, Industries & Services, Agriculture & Food Industries, Real Estate and Lifestyle (Hospitality, Entertainment & Catering).

To ensure the sustainability and success of each business, we are committed to providing every entity with the tools and resources together with the central functional support to enable development and growth. We work in specialization, to ensure that each business strives to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. Grouping is done through focus and trade excellence of organization leaders who proactively work together in multi-disciplinary groups, ensuring that each business thrives and flourishes.

General Contracting
Industries & Services
Agriculture & Food Industries
Real Estate
Lifestyle (Hospitality, Entertainment & Catering)


We believe in specialization. We have a company for every aspect of the business, as part of the whole unique one-stop-shop group. Individually, our businesses possess a rich history of successfully completed complex projects, across diverse sectors around the world. This accumulated experience has made PIH a knowledgeable expert in each of our undertaken fields and our ever-growing experience makes us the trusted corporation that our clients turn to.