Qatar’s Energy Industry Development

April 27, 2018

Qatar is globally recognized for its massive gas reserves and widespread oil reservoirs with these 2 main factors fueling the country’s economy, along with its electricity and water. The revolution of solar power is being perceived as a prospective durable energy source for Qatar’s desalination developments and power generation. The high power demand in the country is driven by large infrastructure investments, and some companies are pushing to work with solar panels to produce environmentally friendly, greener and more sustainable development plans.

As we all know, all life on earth depends on the energy from the sun, providing us with the necessary warmth to protect our natural plants and animals. That being said, Qatar is known to be one the richest countries in the world, and their means for solar panel developments have always been a plan for them, all that lacks is the logistics. Their plan can be implemented as effectively as anticipated and can raise awareness as China’s recent development, which implemented the development of a 250 – Acre Solar farm shaped like a panda, initiating a fun design and a way to provide power to a grid in northwestern China which will eventually eliminate million tons of coal and raise awareness to the population.

According to business men in Qatar, Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, the chairman of Power International Holding and the founder of Baladna, a company specializing in animal production, they: ‘’will process all waste in all our farms and convert it into organic fertilizers to meet the market demand of this material and participate in agricultural development according to the best international standards’’. Qatar is taking a serious step in installing solar panel energy solutions and the results will enrich, improve and enhance the economy in whole.

معتز الخياط , #معتزالخياط , #معتز_الخياط
Moutaz Al Khayyat, #moutazalkhayyat , #moutaz_al_khayyat