The Zone Gym honors Qatari Olympic champion Faris Hassouna

August 18, 2021

The Zone Gym honored Faris Hassouna, the Qatari weightlifter, in recognition of his award as the first gold medal on behalf of the State of Qatar in the “Tokyo 2020” Olympic Games in the men’s 96 kg weightlifting competition.

The honoring took place in The Zone Gym, the leading fitness center in Lusail , on Friday 12 August in attendance of the company’s management and number of athlete figures.

Hassouna joined a team of athletes and coaching professionals to practice some fitness exercises. He also got to learn the different services and programs being provided by The Zone Gym to all its beginner and professional members.

At the end of Hassouna’s visit, Aura Group’s management, the owner and operator of The Zone Gym, honored the golden Qatari champion, Faris Hassouna, and took some group photos. The company also announced that Hassouna and any other athlete champion are always welcomed to visit The Zone Gym at any time.

Mr. Naveed Dolachahi, CEO of Aura Group, said: “Congratulations to the Qatari champion Faris Hassouna on his unprecedented achievement as the first gold medalist in the history of Qatar’s participations in the Olympic Games, in thanks to the unlimited support of the wise leadership to the sports and athletes, and the tremendous sports evolution that Qatar witnessed in the past few years.

Mr. Naveed Dolachahi added: “We are pleased to host Fares Hassouna at The Zone Gym, as part of the different sports programs and activities that we offer to our members, which aims to motivate them and give them the opportunity to meet world-class sports champions and benefit from their great experiences and expertise. Power International Holding, today is represented by Aura Group and The Zone Gym, is always keen to ensure continuous support of sports activities, teams and athletes, as part of its various initiatives to maintain the social responsibility role of the company.

Fares Hassouna said: “I’m glad to be honored by The Zone Gym, and this is not a surprising initiative from Aura Group and the subsidiaries of Power International Holding, as they have always used to support and encourage the champion athletes and sports teams”.

Hassouna added: “I was impressed with how The Zone Gym is supporting the weightlifting though its integrated equipment, high standard design, and professional coaching and management. With this continuous support to the weightlifting and cross fit community in Qatar I’m sure that we will see great lifters and young talents rising from The Zone Gym.

Hassouna concluded: ” It was such an amazing hospitality and welcoming to me and my team during our visit. This honoring will motivate me to maintain the pace of achievements in the future, as I have many upcoming participations in the future, and I will do my best to achieve my targets.”



About Fares Hassouna

Fares Hassouna, better known as Miso Hassouna, is a Qatari weightlifter and gold medalist in weightlifting for 96 kg at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and the two-time world champion for juniors in the 85 kg category, 94 kg until 2018 and 96 kg as of 2018 After the return of the International Weightlifting Federation to organize the categories. He also holds the junior world record in the jerk race (225 kg) and the total (397 kg) in the 96 kg division. Hassouna began lifting weights under his father’s supervision at the age of nine, and grew up in an athletic family where his father and brothers were all weightlifters.

About “The Zone Gym”

The Zone Gym of Aura Group is a unique and pioneering fitness center located on the outskirts of Lusail City, providing exceptional and customized sports programs and services for anyone looking to increase their fitness level and challenge their physical abilities. The Zone Gym provides training programs of the highest quality by professional trainers in all fields, by providing tried and proven training methodologies, and is committed to following scientific methods that are guaranteed to obtain the best results.


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